Electrical Installation

Electrical Installation Image We provide a complete and professional Electrical Installation Service, covering both Domestic and Commercial requirements. We work to all of the current government requirements and provide full NIC-EIC certificates to all electrical installations undertaken.

Periodic Inspection Testing

Electrical Inspection Image Providing a full Periodic Inspection Testing service, D H Gittins will ensure that your premesis complies with UK Government recomendations and legislation. Currently checking your electrical installations to the BS 7671:2008 (17th Edition) standards, we will always ensure that your installations are safe.

Portable Appliance Testing (Pat)

Portable Appliance Test Image D H Gittins will ensure your businesses Portable Appliances are kept up to date with legally required PAT testing, allowing your customers and staff the comfort of safety. Clear labelling is always provided and on request we can provide lists of when your items will next require testing.

Fire Alarm Installation and Maintenence

Fire Alarm Image From large-scale extinguishing systems to basic signage, we can help survey your requirements, design an appropriate solution, supply, install and commission any systems required to ensure that your customers and staff are safe in the event of a fire or other emergency. We also provide testing of pre-existing fire systems, and advise when further action is required.

Intruder Alarm Installation and Maintenence

D H Gittins Intruder Alarm D H Gittins understand that intruders are a big risk to your businesses and homes, and we can tailor a secure system to help you feel at rest. From basic motion sensors, to remote internet monitoring tools we can fit this into your new or existing security systems. We provide a high attention to detail to how we place security products, and how we connect these together to ensure there are no gaps in security.

Emergency Lighting, Installation and Maintenence

Emergency Exit Sign Under current legislation, it is important for businesses to enable people to be able to find their way out of an area in the case of an emergency. D H Gittins will help you achieve this with a tailor made service with the modern technologies avaliable on the market. D H Gittins also provide a regular testing plan, to ensure that your lighting won't fail on you in the unfortunate event that it is needed.


CCTV Image D H Gittins provide hi-tech CCTV systems to ensure the safety of everyone. From dummy preventative systems, to remote internet monitoring and archival systems, we will ensure that your requirements for CCTV are fully met.

Access Control

Access Control Keeping people out can be a vital requirement to your business. Using industry approved hardware, from pin-entry systems, to proximity detectors, D H Gittins will be able to put your mind to rest.

Data Installations

Network Cable Our engineers are fully qualified with fitting state-of-the-art data installations, from networking cabling, to high-grade media cabling. Using high-quality equipment we can ensure you get the connection you need.

Air Conditioning Cooling/Heating Installations

Air Conditioning From offices to high-power server facilities, the requirement for keeping your rooms warm or cool has never been greater. D H Gittins can provide a service which will enable you to keep everybody happy.

Nurse Call

Nurse Call System D H Gittins will ensure that you can reach the people you need to, exactly when you want to. Specialising in Nurse Call systems, we can provide an easy to use emergency system which you can rely upon.

Building Services

Building Services Providing a professional building service, D H Gittins will provide you services for any Building work you may require.

Property Maintenence

Home Maintenence Keeping your property up to scratch is always important. Let us help you! We can provide a custom service for you, no matter what your needs are.

Plumbing works

Plumbing Items Having extensive experience with Plumbing services, we are able to offer you a plumbing package that will meet your needs, whether a small job, or a large installation.